Our Services

All of our services aim to tackle the issues of food poverty and social isolation in our community.

Everything we do is open to all, without question of need or circumstances.

We believe that connection is one of the most powerful tools we have to build a strong sense of community, so we strive to provide safe spaces where people can mix and feel at home.

We operate a number of social enterprises where profits are reinvested into the community. We are currently 85% self-sustaining and aiming to be 100% by 2025 through our social enterprises.

Children & Families

We offer a schedule of free activities every week including our parent & child classes, homework club and fitness classes.

We also operate a holiday programme during school holidays that provides great family fun.

All of our children and family work has a focus on providing healthy environments and food for all.

Information about our children and family activities are shared on our Facebook page.

Community Pantry

Our pantry supports people in the community with food for their home any time they need it.

People are free to help themselves to bakery products, fresh fruit and vegetables and cupboard essentials.

This is available 7 days per week 11am -3pm with no referral or assessment process at The Unit, 870 South Street, Whiteinch.


We are proud to partner with a number of Glasgow organisations, including Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Helps, to fulfil catering contracts that get food to people in need.

We operate a large scale, professional kitchen which enables us to manage a number of contracts as well as our family restaurant The Unit, open Friday – Sunday.

We offer a full spectrum of catering services for up to 3000 people including corporate hospitality and lunches, festivals and events. We operate a fleet of 6 mobile food vans including a vintage bar van, an ice-cream and churro truck and a BBQ Airstream trailer.

Please get in touch to discuss your catering needs.


Well-Fed is a massive part of me and my kids’ lives, from building our confidence, making life long friends and all of the brilliant chances that we get to make memories and explore things and places that we wouldn’t normally have the chance to do. Before Well-Fed I found it really hard to find the right club for my kids where I could also be a part of what they are doing as my kids find it hard to be on their own without me. Well-Fed aren’t just a club they are a family ❤😊 xxx

Well-Fed have had a massive impact on me and my family’s lives, and so many more families too. As a single mum of 3 kids I cant always afford to take my kids places or do things with them as much as I would like to, but with Well-Fed my kids are actually able to experience so much. They are honestly the most amazing people to walk this earth & not to forget they have given me the chance to actually meet and interact with other mums as well. Well-Fed are the best people and place around. Without them this area would have nothing.


Thank you to all of the organisations who support and partner with us.